Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Murray Upper Christmas

Last year was our first Murray Upper Christmas, and for this year - our second one, I decided to make a small video.

I wanted to capture the arrival of Santa, small town country spirit, and the lolly scramble mostly.

I didn't want the video to be too formal or long.

Some precious moments presented themselves along the way.  My favourite moment is the mother going up to Santa's truck  . . . watch to see what happens.  I received a request to take a photo for someone and that photo is inserted near the end.

I still enjoy making and editing videos and will begin some more explorations of method in the new year.

We now have a gopro as well, and can add some different kinds of shots into our films.

I've invested in a microphone for my camera but apparently I might need a 'wombat,' to filter the power pick up of sound.

I'll be looking at some handy programs for syncing music to stories, and that kind of thing! Time to search and love watching youtube tutorials!

I'm literally dreaming up lots of ideas for short or long films, so time to write some scripts, do some storyboarding, and see where to go from here.

Have a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


                                     Reading the Sunset - By June Perkins

It’s an inspiring time.

I’ve finally managed to make headway on my writing projects. A memoirs is well underway. I am enjoying the process of bringing memories of past friendships back to life. The process of the memoir was given momentum during November.  I was writing stories for the ABC Open project Who Shaped Me.  I decided to do a blog challenge – 19 stories in the month. I was delighted to complete the challenge I had set for myself during the month of Nanowrimo.  At the end of the challenge I had 12,000 words towards my memoir.  It is now up around 25,000 words and continuing.

I love the process of memory unpacking.

On top of this I've managed to finally finish a poetry book which a  dear friend is going to illustrate.
It's designed for families to read together;  it isn't for children or adults alone and is based on my time living in North Queensland.

Some of the works are quite lyrical and have been sung at various places for friends and family.

I have been loving working for ABC Open as a moderator/Editor.  It's just awesome - and I had my time extended there so will be doing this for a bit longer. Working there just doesn't feel like 'work' but more of a blessing.

Reading, writing, editing!  Ha yes, even editing.  It's something to enjoy, not detest, because when you are reading, editing and moderating other people's work, it gives you even greater ability to be detached when it comes to editing your own stuff.

I'm reading so much now, that I really know which things jump off the page at me.  This  makes me strive even more to write in a way that makes the reader want to read my work!

I am so grateful to many people I've never met, except through reading their blogs, or joining them in online writing projects.  They are brilliant because they inspire me with their comments, feedback and their own enthusiasm for writing.  I especially love the Monday Writing Sprint Group - !!!  But the ABC Open contributors and producers are pretty amazing too.  I also adore the Soul Food group of Heather Blakey and am enjoying getting to know the Write Practice Crew..

To unwind I head out and take photographs, like the one above.  I am so blessed to have such great settings to easily access.  There is magic in the cane.  I've even written a poem about 'Ghosts from the Cane' that follow you to the city.  All will be revealed in my poetry book.

That's all from me for now - you can checkout my work and if you feel inspired please leave a comment on my Pearlz Dreaming Blog or at ABC Open.