Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Curtain Fig Tree

2013-01-27 treemagic 017
(c) June Perkins, Word and Image
This is a place to go looking for wildlife at night.  The National Parks and wildlife website says ‘Look for eye shine, listen for leaves rustling and inhale the smells.’  They instruct you to use red cellaphane over white light to view the wildlife, take your binoculars, be quiet and never put lights on nesting birds as it causes them distress. FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Welcome to the Blog

Thanks so much for dropping by the blog. I wonder what attracted you here.  Was it the poetry? The photography? The memoir? The discussions of writing? The interviews? Did we meet somewhere? Was it the philosophy?  Would love to know.  I usually blog HERE though.
I am finally working on some individual books, and you may like to purchase them when they are ready.  More announcements on this soon.
I am in the middle of techno land learning about ebooks and create space. I am learning about treaties between Australia and America that enable us to be taxed less when we sell books.  Maybe you are too?
I try to visit as many blogs as I can, especially those that inspire, educate, trigger, connect and help me to keep on practicing writing, art and photography.  
I love to interview people as well as you learn so much from each other in the process.
However I do have to be careful not to get lost in cyberland and pay concentrated attention to doing writing and art, but part of writing and art is about connecting is it not?    Thanks so much for your follow, like, comment, inspiration and encouragement.
All the best with your creative journey and  hope to see you back again. Please respect all copyright. Thank you.
--Gumbootspearlz - June
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