Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dance For Recovery Screening at Mission Beach Film Festival

The film about Danielle Wilson's beautiful workshop 'Dance for Recovery' will be screening at the Mission Beach Festival. 

I hope that everyone will enjoy it.  I won't be able to attend as we have family visiting we haven't seen for two years and we are off to visit them that weekend.

I think also I get a bit nervous sitting people watch my films.  I know now why film makers like to do test audiences and sneak in and watch their films where nobody knows who they are.

I am very proud of this lovely film about a moving community project, and the participants and creator of the show were also very happy with it.

We are hoping to work on more projects, and I am especially keen to create some poetry and musical and lyrical films that reflect some of the things trialed in this film.

Several other short films from locals will be screened at the festival, as well as entries and interesting films from around the world.  Why not head along and enjoy all the festivities, including the opening night.

I will be there in spirit, and narrative, behind the camera of 'Dance for Recovery.'

All the best,


Dance for Recovery - June Perkins

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