Sunday, November 01, 2009

Gone Nanowrimo

Dear Readers,

I am in the middle of Nanowrimo, writing a novel month. I am in the company of SFC - the soul food community, that is 9 of us are doing it- wow. From blogging to novel. Is it really such a leap? Another friend from another writing group is also doing it. She's sent me a lovely email and it's inspiring to get support like this. It is like running a marathon, believe me!

It's the second day and I am heading into my third writing stint for today. Like most people working at home and with family in and out I have to make the most of school hours.

I was proud that on the weekend I managed 1700 words with family normal events, and jobs on. Just now I am researching drought, rain and thinking about my next scene. I have completed 900 words for the day so far.

Today and yesterday have been a bit rainy. I have been enjoying the rain as we were in drought, see how real life can enter a novel- but research is important too.

Well back to work....


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