Sunday, December 04, 2011

Many Sides to One Story

It's easy to have one major storyteller in a family - as one person may be naturally good at it. However, there are many sides to a story and multiple perspectives can be illuminating.

The above video is my son's perspective on Cyclone Yasi.

You can find the story of my family in the cyclone from the parent's perspective mostly in the house that shook although the kids view comes through as we asked them questions and included them in the video we took during the experience.

In my latest ABC Open blog Pam, Joe and the Mighty Yasi I suggest that people consider making a spoken story video not just a written or photographic account of their cyclone experience. In the advent of mobile phones, skype, and video accessibility perhaps a lot more than in the past can consider this, that's if they can embrace and explore all technology has to offer. ABC Open are providing summer schools to help people develop these skills.

If you have a bit of time on your hand you can produce a video documentary for future generations. With a bit of practice efforts can be sped up, although I find I want to spend a lot of time editing to get it just right!

My latest video editing attempts saw me trying to master more in the sound editing department. I wanted to weave music sound track in and out to accentuate the story and ensure it did not detract from the story. I worked out how to do it in Pinnacle, but I am wondering if there are easier ways to do it. Obviously this is the next part of my digital storytelling journey, working out more about sound editing!.

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