Sunday, November 27, 2011

Memory Land and becoming a Digital Storyteller

I am re-establishing this blog so I can place video embeds and other work samples here from my other blogs.

Some blogs make you pay a fee for this privilege but blogger doesn't. So this is a good space to show case my digital storytelling efforts and upcoming poetry films.

Here is a poster - which is a digitally altered photograph and some of my poetry. I am doing a lot more creations like this and making postcards and poetry cards. I'm yet to market them but first of all I am enjoying making them and thinking about what I want to say with them.

Memory Land
You are the Wind of my Soul
The wisdom feathers
placed on me
One by one

I have tumblr, wordpress, facebook, flickr, vimeo, youtube tweeting and this blog.
My next stop is to set up an online shop and create some ebooks.

All these different cyberspaces have different offerings of what you can do.

This last year I have done more guest blogging. ABCopen have given me a space in the Aftermath Project.

It's been an amazing experience to be part of their new experiment to engage with the wider community. If you take the time to read these posts you will see that the community I live in has been in cyclone recovery mode. Some people are well on the way, others have left the area, and some have a long way to go to say goodbye to Cyclone Yasi effects.

My blog land is like a memory land - a place where now I bring all the creative forms I have been dabbling in together. Journalling, song composition, videography, poetry and photography - all have a place in my creative heart and journey.

Welcome along for the journey - as I put on my gumbootspearlz.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved.

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