Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kite Girl

gumbootspearlz 002
KiteGirl-June Perkins

She looks at the kite small and bright
She wonders if she can make herself light
For the air and for the possibility of flight
gumbootspearlz 213
KiteGirl 2- June Perkins

She checks out the string and the physics of things
She follows the plastic rainbow streamers that will make it work
And she dreams of what life seems in the centre of rings

gumbootspearlz 216
Kite Girl3- June Perkins

She is the kite girl who has found her inner bling
She will dance and take the breath out of the wasps sting
She is the kite and the kite is her.
At least that’s what she thinks as the world blinks.

(c) June Perkins
[Time to start making some poetry films I think - putting video, poetry, photography and performance together. First posted in ]

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