Monday, April 02, 2012

Sometimes There's no Need for Words

I am gearing up to do some short poetry films.  Here is a short practice film without words, except for the titles and credits.  It's about a day at the beach.  The thing about film is it began in this silent form often with piano, with no words (except for the occassional written ones on screen) came later.  It is good to understand the craft in its simplest form, and to strip away the words and simply express with moving image.   Then I will begin to layer the words on.  There are quite a few poetry films out there, I must explore and see how they are approaching it.

Usually I use Vimeo for sharing video but for this one have opted for youtube as it is compatible with easy embeds in blogger.  I will also explore the best video share options.  I like vimeo because its  has no ads and is frequented by people serious about the art of film-making.  But then I also enjoy paying for a vimeo pro account to have good storage and freedom from ads.   Just remember I don't endorse any of those youtube ads if you click through to view this on youtube.

My goal is not to be a youtube sensation, but to explore the art of film and express what is important to me, if that pleases you leave a comment and discuss.

(c) June Perkins

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